Formal training

Chawton Innovation Services presents formal training classes on various subjects related to Innovation and Intellectual Property Management.  The company has a large number of training courses already developed and will continue to grow and develop its portfolio.

The portfolio of training programs includes the following:-

A process for dealing with external inventors

Addressing challenges with “backlog” in a Patent Creation Entity

Addressing data quality in an IP environment

Audit questionnaire for a corporate IP department

Benchmarking in the area of Intellectual Property

Building an Intellectual Property strategy

Collaborating with external inventors

Conducting collaborative innovation with communities

Conducting collaborative innovation with Joe Public/handling unsolicited ideas from Joe Public

Conducting collaborative innovation with suppliers

Conducting collaborative innovation with universities

Creating and implementing a comprehensive IP process

Defensive publications

Format of a patent

Glossary or IP terms

How to handle IP matters when collaborating with external partners

Indemnities and warranties

Innovation management and leadership

Innovation – tolerating failure

Innovation – what is it and how to make it happen

Intellectual Property – influencing the business environment

Interoperability Standards and the role of Intellectual Property

Invention harvesting

Inventor reward and recognition programs

IP as a source of revenue

IP – creating value for a corporation or organisation

IP firm – audit questionnaire

IP optimization/asset management

IP Service Providers – who are they and what do they provide

IP terms and conditions in cooperation agreements

IP valuation

Key interfaces of an Intellectual Property department

Key metrics for an Intellectual Property department


Non-disclosure agreements

Open Source software and Intellectual Property

Organising your patent creation “factory”

Overview of the management of patent creation – from idea to granted patent

Patent application quality guidelines

Patent assertion and non-assertion

Patent cost management

Patent pools

Patent quality

Patent risk management

Pledging or donating royalty free IP

Processes and tools for an Intellectual Property department

Rating of important patent cases

Running a patent board or patent committee

Support systems available to help companies interested in collaborative innovation

The basics of Intellectual Property

The classification of patent cases

The core activities of patent creation

The external innovation company

The Intellectual Property environment

The inventor community

The IP maturity ladder

The key to success with collaborative innovation and Intellectual Property

The licensing of IP

The management of external patent agencies

The management of research and development

Top level Intellectual Property processes

Typical life-cycle of a patent

Why patent?